Dr. Mark P. Falk


Dr. Falk has practiced veterinary medicine in Rome New York since 1992.
Prior to entering Veterinary School, Dr. Falk worked for seven years at the “Angel Memorial Animal Hospital” in Boston Mass.

His first job there was cleaning cages on the overnight shift; from there he worked his way up to head technician. On the way, learning all the skill positions in every department of the hospital.
During his time as a veterinary technician, Dr. Falk also worked for the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation and education center.

In 1987 Dr. Falk moved to Oklahoma, planning to begin Veterinary School the following year. He took a job at the Boren Veterinary Teaching Hospital. This is where Dr. Falk ran the junior surgery laboratory. There he worked with both small and large animals teaching future Veterinarians the technical skills required for anesthesia and surgery. This position was performed by two full time and two part time veterinary technicians prior to Dr. Falk taking over the position alone.

Once admitted to Oklahoma State University as a veterinary student, Dr. Falk continued to work at the teaching hospital as an anesthesia and Intensive Care technician in the small animal hospital as well as an anesthesia technician for the equine colic team.

Throughout his training, Dr. Falk was mentored by some of the brightest minds in the veterinary world.

Dr. Falk brought this world class veterinary training to Rome, New York in 1992.
Working for Dr. Deeley at Rome Veterinary Hospital from 1992-2000. He was able to rebuild their reputation as a small animal facility. However, when the practice was sold to a California based cooperation rather than to Dr. Falk as promised, Dr. Falk moved across town to open his own practice.

Dr. Falk proceeded to move the Rome area’s standard of veterinary medicine forward by being the first practice to offer in-house ultrasound diagnostics (decreasing the need for expensive referrals). The first to offer a comprehensive in-house laboratory (getting needed blood results in minutes instead of days). Dr. Falk is the first (and only) practice to offer Laser assisted surgery (dramatically reducing pain, bleeding and reducing the risk of infection). The first to offer “cold” Laser Physical Therapy (now offering MLS third generation laser therapy. Managing pain, inflammation, edema and increases the rate of tissue healing). The first (and only) practice to offer computerized radiology (decreasing the number of x-rays needed to make a diagnosis and also allowing the image to be emailed to a specialist for a second opinion, again reducing the need for expensive referrals.)
Dr. Falk attends continuing education lectures regularly and is always looking to improve the care of his patients.